I am a dedicated public servant with a strong commitment to serving the residents of East Coon Rapids and Southeast Andover. With a background rooted in service, I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for conservative principles to the political arena.

I am a Veteran and an Engineer, who came from a rather humble beginning. My parents were farmers and laborers in Iowa. My dad was a World War 2 veteran who was deployed for over three years without furlough, including a D-Day landing at Normandy and numerous WW2 campaigns.

I never knew any of this this until the year before he died,- as he was a quiet, humble & pious man. He was my role model, critical in forming my Christian conservative values. I grew up with a profound understanding of what it means to have courage and commitment, to work hard, and to live a life of faith, humility, and giving.

When I was 17, I joined the Navy. When I was 19, I served my tour in Vietnam. When I was 22, I was married, in college, and working full-time.

I've been a member of two of our local manufacturing unions, and with that experience, as well as an Engineering Degree and a lot of Design experience, I was asked to serve on a Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission, investigating American Manufacturing effectiveness and competitiveness. (Lots more on my profile on LinkedIn if you're curious)

Bottom Line, - I know how to get work done. I have a Master's degree in Systems Engineering and decades of experience in designing systems for the US Department of Defense, and particularly, in working effectively within our government.